What Is Slab Bacon? 🐖

What is Slab Bacon?

Slab bacon is a piece of smoked cured
side bacon that is not sliced.

Slab Bacon actually comes from the pork belly with long layers of the fatty part which runs parallel to the hardtop layer known as the rind.

Slab bacon is a common type of bacon in the united states. It is the same as the Salt pork since it is made from the same cuts, the difference is that salt pork is not smoked cured.

You will get slab bacon from the stores. It is packed in a whole pack of chunk where it is not cut in slim or thin pieces. The bacon is known to have a similar flavor with regular bacon.
The bacon is cured using brown sugar, molasses, smoked salt, and red pepper.

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Why Some Prefer Slab Bacon

Slab bacon has no limitation when it comes to the size since it comes as a whole and one can cut to any size depending on your preference unlike many kinds of bacon that come cut into thin sizes.

Slab Bacon can be cut it in cubes, wedges, think strips or thick chunks. This type of bacon comes with a rind which is preferably removed before cooking.

How to Cut Slab Bacon?

Everyone can do this by just following simple instruction that explains how it is cooked.

  • To start with, cut off the rind using a good long sharp knife. (Like this one)
  • Make sure it is thinly sliced by cutting it through the rind.
  • The knife should pass through the surface of the rind to avoid cutting off the inner part.
  • Do not throw the rind away it can be used to make cracklings at home.

Since the bacon is thick you have the choice of cutting it to the desired size. The remaining piece after cutting should be put in a freezer. (Read our article on how to freeze bacon and how long it lasts here)

How to cook the Slab Bacon

  • Put the slices in the frying pan and ensure that the heat is not too much nor too little.
  • Cook one side for 5 min and the other side for another 2 min.
  • After it is well cooked remove it from the pan with a fork and put it on a paper towel
  • Wait until the grease is fully absorbed. (How to use your Bacon Grease?)

The grease in the pan can be used to make a bacon vinaigrette for other purposes like making a vegetable salad for the bacon. Serve when it is still warm and make sure that a cold drink is on the table to make it a complete meal.

Try this and within a few minutes, you are ready to eat that delicious meal that you been desiring to have.

What can I do with a slab of bacon?

Here is a little inspiration on what you can eat with your slab bacon.

1. Bacon is Pasta’s BFF

Slab bacon and pasta are a natural fit, they go very well together. The dish Carbonara is especially delicious and with lardons cubes on top, it really stands out. You can also cook the lardons and add them to cold pasta salads maybe even adding a vinaigrette dressing.

2. Bacon Makes Soup Better

Slab bacon is also great for almost all kinds of soup. In fact, you can begin soups and braises by rendering a thick slice of slab bacon (think coq au vin, beef bourguignon), which will impart smoky flavor and just enough bacon fat to get things going. Enliven creamy squash soups with a sprinkling of bacon lardons on top. Try tomato bacon bisque or clam chowder with lardons.

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Are Pork Belly and Slab Bacon the Same?

Pork belly is unprocessed bacon this means that it is NOT cured or smoked. whereas bacon is most commonly seen cured smoked and sliced. (There are a few variations that are uncured). I America most bacon sold is cured with salt and smoked.

How long is slab bacon good for?

It is recommended by the USDA that you use dry-cured sliced bacon within ten days when unrefrigerated. If refrigerated then it should be eaten within four weeks.

If it is dry-cured slab bacon as we talk about here in the article bacon then it can last up to around three weeks without the fridge, and 4 – 6 weeks if refrigerated.

This is of course only if the bacon is placed in proper containers

How long is Bacon good for (USDA Tabel)Time
Normal Dry-Cured bacon – Unrefrigerated up to 10 days
Normal Dry-Cured bacon – Refrigerated up to 4 weeks
Normal Dry-Cured bacon – FrozenIn theory indefinite
“Some say taste diminishes over time”
Slab Bacon – Unrefrigerated up to 3 weeks
Slab Bacon – Refrigerated 4 to 6 weeks
Slab Bacon – FrozenIn theory indefinite
“Some say taste diminishes over time”

“Use-by” and “Sell-By” Dates on Bacon

This is a quote from USDA in regards to the use of “Sell-by” or “Use-by” dates.

Product dating (i.e., applying “sell-by” or “use-by” dates) is not required by Federal regulations. However, many stores and processors may voluntarily choose to date packages of bacon. Use or freeze products with a “sell-by” date within 7 days of purchase. If the manufacturer has determined a “useby” date, observe it. It’s always best to buy a product before its date expires. It’s not important if a date expires after freezing bacon because all foods stay safe while frozen.


Video on How to Make your own Slab Bacon

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