Beef Bacon – What is beef bacon?

What is Beef Bacon – Explained

Beef Bacon, sounds weird to say. Bacon comes from pigs and there has never really been any reason to question that, before now. In the beginning, you were only able to get Beef Bacon from Halal Butchers but now it is slowly getting onto your local grocery store shelves.

Beef Bacon is another type of bacon, just as crispy and delicious as regular bacon. It is similar in taste to pork bacon. It usually is smokier and browner. Often it is leaner. It is chewier than crisp and a little on the sweet side. This brand of bacon is usually promoted as a healthier alternative to pork bacon with grass-fed beef being almost 90% lean. However, like most stuff that is 90% lean, it can also be lean on taste as well.

It can be made by getting Bresaola, which is charcuterie meat at your local deli or gourmet food store. It is dry-aged beef tenderloin. This type of bacon is relatively suitable for Muslims and any other group who for religious reasons avoid Bacon made from pork. .Cured beef bacon is delicious in its own right (and still has less fat than pork due to the cut it’s made from)

Uncured and Cured Beef Bacon

Uncured Beef Bacon is the type that hasn’t gone through the curing process – a process where the meat sits for 3 days in a brine of water and sugar and is then smoked. For the fact that it hasn’t gone through these steps, the bacon is less sweet and still retains its natural moisture.

Cured Beef Bacon tends to be a little on the dry, less fatty, and lackluster side. Though this type is delicious on its own and still has less fat than pork due to the cut it’s made from, if we’re going to deviate from pork bacon for any reason other than health, we stand by the idea of uncured against cured.

The texture is more “meaty” than your average pork bacon. It feels like the main protein in a dish and doesn’t really feel like something you would top a hamburger with, although we can see it used in combination with a lighter protein such as chicken or seafood. It would make killer BLT’s however, which is where our morning leftovers will be used up this afternoon.

Where To Buy Beef Bacon?

Until recently, beef bacon has only been available through Halal Butchers for the most part, although it’s slowly getting onto the local grocery store shelves. It is also possible to buy from amazon as you can see here on the right.

How to make Beef Bacon

What makes beef bacon different from other types of bacon?

Beef bacon stands out from other types of bacon meat due to its distinct flavor and texture. Made from beef rather than pork, it offers a leaner alternative with a richer, slightly sweeter taste. Its unique profile makes it a popular choice for those looking for a different option in the bacon aisle.

Beef Bacon – FAQ

Is Beef Bacon Kosher?

Yes. There are Kosher Beef Bacon a good example of high quality certified kosher beef bacon is from

Is Beef Bacon Halal?

Yes, Some brands of Beef Bacon is Halal Made. But I would recommend Midas Hickory Smoked Beef Bacon it is certified Halal as a lot of other Midas products and it is also made out of quality meat with great taste.

List of Beef Bacon to buy

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Other Halal types of Bacon

On the subject of Halal Bacon, I recommend that you read our articles on both Turkey Bacon and Duck Bacon which both are great alternatives if you are looking for a Halal Meat Bacon. Then again you could also look at Vegan Bacon types like Coconut Bacon or Tempeh Bacon.

Historical Review of bacon

Bacon originally meant pork of any type, fresh or cured, but this older usage had died out by the 17th century. In the modern sense, Bacon is peculiarly a product of the British Isles or is produced abroad to British methods.

The first large-scale bacon curing business was set up in the 1770s by John Harris in Wiltshire. Hams and bacon were either dry-salted or barreled in their own brine. The Romans acknowledged ham, ‘perna’, and shoulder bacon, ‘petaso’, as two separate types of meat, and had different recipes for preparing them. Bacon fat or lard was in particular favor among the Anglo-Saxons who used it for cooking and also as a dressing for vegetables.

Until the 19th-century bacon production was localized to rural communities and then bacon was distributed to the nearest towns and cities for retail sale, almost all of this bacon was cured using the traditional dry-cure method which takes longer than other methods and requires more labor to produce than modern curing techniques. That is why dry-cured bacon today is usually more expensive than commercially produced bacon.

In recent times, traditional dry-cured back bacon producers are a dying breed. Bacon is more popular today than ever before, different cuts of pork are used for making bacon depending on local preferences. In the United Kingdom and Ireland, Back Bacon is most common. In the United States, the plain term denotes belly bacon, with back cuts known as “Canadian Bacon“. Around the world, Bacon is often served with eggs and sausages as part of a full breakfast.

Next time you feel like trying something new, give beef bacon a whirl! Oh, and don’t forget to use the drippings for your next salad!

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