🐑What is Lamb Bacon🐑 And Why You Should Try It🐑

Lamb bacon is known to be an alternative meal for those who don’t take pork bacon. It is made from the belly of a sheep. The bacon is smoked and cured in order to add a flavored taste. Although it is sizzled up with fats, it is also meaty for it to be fully complete bacon.

🐑What is Lamb Bacon🐑 And Why You Should Try It🐑

For those who are not familiar with lamb bacon, it is easy for them to confuse it with pork bacon. Though lamb bacon is similar to pork bacon, it appears to have a darker color.

“Lamb belly is the most lamb-y part of the whole animal, and the bacon has a very intense flavor. It gives a dish a very unique gaminess you can’t get from another meat,”

“A hog belly is so much thicker than a lamb’s, and lamb bacon really has a much funkier, gamier flavor than pork bacon.”

Paul Reilly of Denver restaurant beast + bottle.

Many people prefer lamb bacon because it has a different taste, smell and texture from other types of meat. It is said to have a darker flavor like the Indian spices such as coriander, turmeric, cumin black pepper or cinnamon.

It is easy to find lamb bacon by just walking to the nearby meat store and grab this amazing piece of yummy meat for yourself or your loved ones and get to enjoy it at the backyard of your house.

Where Does Lamb Bacon come From?

It is the loin or the breast of the lamb that is used for making the bacon. Some will also call it fatback, belly or saddle.

If it comes from the saddle it is from a lesser fat area of the loin, whereas the belly bacon is more fatty and rich like the regular pork belly bacon.

Is There a Season for Lamb Bacon

Lambs are often slaughtered in the spring when the meat is nice and tender and the lamb weighs around 30 pounds.

So if you are looking for fresh meat to make your own lamb bacon then it should be in the spring. But because lamb bacon is preserved through curing and smoking then you should be able to get all year round.

Does Lamb and Regular Bacon Look Alike?

Lamb bacon look a lot like normal pork bacon. The color though can be a bit darker in the color.

🐑What is Lamb Bacon🐑 And Why You Should Try It🐑

Where to buy Lamb Bacon

Sadly there aren’t a lot of places in the US that you can buy this great product it is mainly sold in Australia. But you might see it at your local butcher shop or maybe in some of the local farmers’ markets. But it is very unlikely that you will find til in your local grocery store.

But if you know of other places in the US  then please share it in the comments so that we can help others taste this wonder.

Other links to where you can buy lamb bacon:

Should Lamb Bacon Be Stored Different Than Other Bacon?

Like all other bacon for the best storage, you have to ensure that the bacon is sealed in a secured container or a plastic bag. This method will help you to maintain your bacon for some few weeks, but for long-term preservation, you will have to freeze the sealed bacon.

You can read our article on how to store bacon your bacon here

Is Lamb Bacon Kosher

Well Yes and No. It depends on who interprets the writings. But you can read more on this subject at Haaretz.com.

How to Cook Your Lamb Bacon

For those who have no idea how to cook it, here are some tips

The taste lamb bacon is a bit deeper and darker flavor. It fits well with Moroccan and Indian spices like cumin, coriander, turmeric, cinnamon, and black pepper

You will first slice the bacon into thin pieces. This depends on the number of people to be served. Then rub the slices with a little oil (olive oil) and grill it for about two minutes per every side. Since the bacon is already cured you will not have it overcooked. After it is well cooked have it rest for some time before serving. Don’t let it get cold, serve it when still warm.

This type of bacon is not different from any other bacon when it comes to preparing it for a meal. It can be served with potato soup or scrambled eggs just like pork bacon. It can also be used in making sandwiches for breakfast. Have it your way and make sure that you have it all figured out not to bring out the worst in your final cooking.

There is no specific recipe for preparing lamb bacon, it just depends on the way you prefer it cooked. Some countries use their own traditional way of cooking it.

Can Frozen Bananas Enhance the Flavor of Lamb Bacon?

Freezing ripe bananas complete tutorial is ideal for enhancing the flavor of lamb bacon. By ensuring the bananas are fully ripe before freezing, you can intensify the sweet notes of the bacon, creating a delightful contrast with the savory, smoky flavor. Try it and taste the difference!

Is Lamb Bacon considered Halal?

Yes, lamb bacon is considered Halal bacon options for those who adhere to Islamic dietary laws. It is prepared from the meat of a lamb, making it permissible for consumption under Halal guidelines. Many people choose lamb bacon as a Halal alternative to traditional pork bacon.

Conclusion on Lamb Bacon

A lot of people aren’t fans of lamb meat in general and this article isn’t made to persuade anyone into trying something that they don’t feel like.

But if you like bacon then you should do yourself the favor of trying lamb bacon if you have the chance.

But I think that over time we will see more of this popping up in butcher shops across the country.

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