What is Elk bacon

At some point in life, we all crave something different from what we are used to. Let us take bacon for example. Have you ever felt a desire to try out a not so common form of bacon? Taste of Elk Meat Bacon is among the most popular forms of bush bacon.

Elk bacon is made from cured raw Elk bellies. But has been cured and treated correctly to give a good result before smoking it.

What is Elk bacon

How is Elk Bacon made

The treatment is the most vital step in preparing any form of bacon. Elk bacon is no exception at all. The curing most popularly used for the curing process is maple syrup.

Treatment process

The curing process for elk bellies is initiated by making a mixture of sugars and salt to be used in the process. Common ingredients for this mixture include brown sugar, cane sugar, and vegetable powder.

The resulting mixture is then applied generously on both sides of the elk bellies to be cured. Note that the mixture should be applied both on the back and front of the bellies.

This is then followed by application of the cure, in this case maple syrup, on the bellies. The cure should be evenly distributed across the bellies.

The bellies are then wrapped in a waxed butcher paper. Alternatively, you can use any non-reactive container to hold the bellies. The top should be covered with a plastic wrap. After this, the bellies should be refrigerated.

The curing process should be allowed to go on for at least three days. During this period, overhauling should be done at least one time each day. Each time that the bellies are flipped over, cure should be redistributed evenly.

Once the bellies are fully cured, they should be thoroughly rinsed under running water after which they are dried using a clean towel. After this, they should be allowed time to dry, preferably for a period of at least six hours or a whole night.

The bellies are now ready for smoking. It is advisable to use fruitwoods for the smoking process. After the smoking, allow the bacon to cool down for easier slicing.

After this, the cooking method will depend with preference of the consumer. Some opt to fry the bacon whereas others prefer their slices baked.

You are now set to enjoy your bacon and curb your craving for bush bacon. It comes very highly recommended by experts. In fact, those who have tried elk bacon agree that it is a delicacy worth the keep. It is definitely time to try it out!

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