Should I use Liquid Smoke Flavoring in Food? Pros and Cons

There are a lot of recipes that include Liquid Smoke Flavoring on the ingredient list. This raises the question.

Should I use Liquid Smoke flavoring for Cooking Meals?

There are a lot of different opinions to this below I have listed information about Liquid Smoke that means I will describe both the good and the bad, as well as I can. That way you will be able to make up your own mind.

I will furthermore write on how you use it and where you can buy it if you decide to do so.

Is Liquid Smoke safe?

There are a lot of tests testing a lot of different parts of smoking.

Liquid smoke is made by passing wood smoke through a chamber where the vapor is captured and condensed. Along with authentic smoke flavor, the resulting liquid also contains polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), which can be carcinogenic.

The recommended daily upper safety limit for these carcinogens is 47. Hickory smoke flavoring has only 0.8 per teaspoon, so we’d have to drink three bottles a day to bump up against the limit. And mesquite liquid smoke has only 1.1.

It turns out that most of the carcinogens in smoke are fat-soluble, so when we make a water-based solution, like liquid smoke, we capture the smoke flavor compounds without capturing most of the smoke cancer compounds. The only time we need to really worry is when eating smoked foods—foods directly exposed to actual smoke. For example, smoked ham has 21.3 per serving, and smoked turkey breast has 26.7 per serving.

Conclusion: Although I wouldn’t drink the stuff, I don’t think the occasional use of liquid smoke to prepare a special recipe is anything to be concerned about. So you should consider Liquid Smoke to be safe. If you want to read more on this you can read a long article on it HERE or you can watch the video below.

Although I wouldn’t drink the stuff, I don’t think the occasional use of liquid smoke to prepare a special recipe is anything to be concerned about.

I have found a short video for you that goes into more into the chemical aspect of things if that is what interests you.

Is liquid smoke safe in pregnancy

I all honesty I haven’t been able to find any direct tests or pieces of advice on if you should eat dishes that have been prepared with Liquid Smoke when you are pregnant. But I would say that most companies would be fast to put up warnings on their products.

But I can’t find anything either for or against it. So I would say that use a bit of common sense and don’t eat too much of it. But I would advise you to talk to your doctor first.

Liquid Smoke Flavoring Ingredients, What is in it?

Every brand of liquid smoke contains different types of ingredients. Some of the companies don’t really feel like share this with the public. But I have listed some of the ones that do share their ingredients below.

Wrights Liquid Smoke:

Colgin’s Natural Liquid Smoke ingredients products?

Water, Natural Hickory Smoke Flavor, Vinegar, Molasses and Carmel Color.

Water, Natural Mesquite Smoke Flavor, Vinegar, Molasses and Carmel Color.

Water, Natural Pecan Smoke Flavor, Vinegar, Molasses and Carmel Color

Water, Natural Apple Smoke Flavor, Vinegar, Molasses and Carmel Color.

Does Liquid Smoke Need to be Refrigerated After Opening?

No, after opening it is not necessary to refrigerate Liquid Smoke.

How do they make Liquid Smoke?

The process behind the making of liquid smoke is one you may recognize: condensation! Here’s how one brand, describes it on their company’s FAQ page:

It is made from hickory, applewood or mesquite wood that is burned inside a chamber. As the smoke rises it is captured in a condenser and it cools. The cooled smoke forms water droplets (condensation). These droplets are then collected and filtered twice.

I have also found a small old video showing how liquid smoke is made.

How to use Liquid Smoke Flavoring

You generally don’t have to use that much when adding liquid smoke to your food. If you use too much the taste can become overpowered and shift over into a bad taste.

So my advice would be that you start by adding what you see in the recipe or on the bottle, to begin with, or maybe even slightly less. Also if it is specified in the recipe what brand it is you need to consider if the brand you are using is of the same concentration.

Again rather a little to little liquid smoke then too much and ruin the dish.

Is Liquid Smoke Kosher?

Yes, some of the products that you can buy are kosher and they openly advertise it as being so. One of those brands is “Wright Liquid Smoke” and they even went so far as to get certified on the matter.

Is Liquid Smoke Gluten-free?

Yes, all products I have been able to check is Gluten Free

Can I Get Organic Liquid Smoke?

There are a few products that say they are all-natural like this Hickory Liquid Smoke.

But it all depends on how you will call something organic, cause you have to go through some kind of process to make and capture the smoke. Besides that, it will be hard for dealers to promise that the wood burned in the making of the smoke is purely organic.

My conclusion would be that No I don’t think that you will get pure organic products unless you create it yourself.

Is Liquid Smoke Vegan?

Yes, again there are some brands that a vegan approved, one of those is Mex-Al.

Where to buy Liquid Smoke?

The easy way is just to go on Amazon in the links below and order it.

What is the Nutrition in Liquid Smoke?

This is the Nutrition Facts of Colgin’s Liquid Smoke.

As you can see the number of calories or anything else for that matter isn’t that much. So the calorie aspect of using Liquid Smoke isn’t a factor.


What can I use Instead of Liquid Smoke

There are a few ways that you can substitute the smoke. You can either use Chipotle Powder, it adds a bit of heat and smokey flavor. Depending on what dish you are cooking you can also use some smokey sausage or ham, to some of the good flavor in. Again depending on what you like you could simply leave it all out.

Liquid Smoke Allergy.

I have heard that you can be allergic to liquid smoke but I haven’t been able to find out exactly what it is that people allergic to in the product.

But my advice would be that you remember to check the label. Not all products are pure condensation smoke and water. So check the ingredients to see if there should be something that you could be allergic to.

If you yourself are allergic or know of anyone please write to us so I can add the information here so others can benefit from your knowledge.

How to store your Liquid Smoke.

So do you need to keep your liquid smoke refrigerated or can you just store it out of the fridge in the closet or where you want to?
Well, the answer is no you don’t need to keep your precious liquid smoke in the refrigerator. You can just have it on the shelves with all the other great spices you use to cook with.

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