How to Store Raw and Cooked Bacon 🥓 4 Ways

So we have all bought some bacon and then maybe not used all of it right away leaving us with some uncooked bacon. So how should you store it after opening the bacon? below you will find a few different ways of storing it just consider if you want to store it in the fridge or in the freezer

How to Store Your Bacon

To avoid having bad bacon, it will be good if you learn how to store them or improve on how you store them. You now know how to differentiate between bad and good bacon. The next thing to learn or know is how to store them properly to avoid cases of spoilt bacon. Therefore, when you are buying your bacon, try to look for slices that have long veins of lean and also pink meat. In addition, choose bacon which has less amount of fats while you check its “expiry date” or even the “sell-by date”.

1. ❄️Freezing the Bacon

When freezing it there are 2 different ways I would recommend you to use.

If it is slices of bacon that your a freezing and you might want to place a small piece of baking sheets in between the pieces.

2. Vacuum seal your bacon

For your bacon to be fresh and good for a long period of time, you can store your packed and also sliced bacon in your freezer in a sealed vacuum pack. it can be stored for up to a week passed its expiry date. However, if a piece of bacon is frozen and also sealed in a vacuum, you can store it for a month. Unfortunately, after a month, the fats will ultimately turn rancid.

How to Store Raw and Cooked Bacon 🥓 4 WaysHow to Store Raw and Cooked Bacon 🥓 4 Ways

You can buy some great vacuum sealers on Amazon at a reasonable price. (Check Amazon)

In order to conveniently freeze your bacon, cut the packaged bacon into serving sizes for example in four pieces and then you should wrap it tightly in plastic wrap to avoid oxygen getting through and lastly, you can then foil it. Make sure to indicate the date in which you packed it. Therefore, while in the freezer, it can last longer for a few weeks. Remember that once your vacuum seal is open, you are required to wrap it using a foil and also consume it within a week, but that shouldn’t be the difficult part.

3. Storing in the refrigerator – Repack the bacon

When storing your bacon in the refrigerator you need the repack your bacon from the original packaging. The reason for this is so that you don’t bring germs from the old broken packaging. There are a few ways of storing the bacon and also your bacon grease.

A fresh piece of bacon can be stored in a refrigerator for some weeks but after sometimes its ends will have darkened and also dried out. in such situations, you can still remove those parts and east the good parts.

4. Cook the Bacon

Sometime, you may wish to also use bacon in a recipe or even as a breakfast. But before that, you should cook your bacon until soft but it should not be completely cooked. Thereafter, drain your meat using a paper towel as you let it cool.

How to Store Cooked Bacon

Store Cooked Bacon in the Refrigerator

When storing the cooked bacon in the refrigerator then you have to make sure that the bacon is in an air-sealed container or zip-lock bag.

  • Cooked bacon will usually stay good for 3 to 4 days in the fridge

Store Cooked Bacon in the Freezer

The way to store cooked bacon in the freezer is the same as if you were going to store raw bacon.

  • Cooked bacon will usually stay good for around 4 months in the freezer.
  • Store it in a frost safe plastic box. (Find on Amazon)
  • Place the bacon in a freezing bag, and have the bag fully sealed.

If you choose this method then remember to read our other article on how you can reheat your bacon so that is nice and warm and ready for eating.

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