Can You Freeze Hummus? -extend the shelf life of your Hummus

What is Hummus?

Hummus is a dip that comes from the Mediterranean region. It is composed of chickpeas, extra virgin olive oil, tahini, lemon juice, garlic, and sea salt. These are the basic ingredients of Hummus.

Today, however, we find many exciting flavors out in the market. These flavors are designed to satisfy every type of taste bud. And it makes it very useful in many types of dishes.

IF you bought a tub of hummus, you can only consume it for a week once you open it. This gives you a big problem with the unconsumed portions. You will have a lot of extras to keep that you don’t want to spoil.

Can you freeze hummus?

Absolutely! It is the best way to extend its shelf life. When frozen, it can take up to four months and it will still be good for consumption. It is easy to freeze hummus; it is just like freezing any other type of food.

Can You Freeze Hummus? -extend the shelf life of your HummusCan You Freeze Hummus? -extend the shelf life of your Hummus

But you don’t need to worry since hummus freezes well if you know how to do it properly.

How to freeze hummus

The best way to store hummus in the freezer is to put it in an airtight container. This is important because if the air is able to enter the container, the flavor can be contaminated by the odors that other foods in the freezer emit.

Can You Freeze Hummus? -extend the shelf life of your HummusCan You Freeze Hummus? -extend the shelf life of your Hummus

Make sure that when you fill your container with hummus, you don’t pack that whole container up. Leave a little space at the top so that when the water expands as it freezes, there will be enough space to contain it.

You should not fill a container with more than 12 ounces of hummus. This will help it thaw evenly and quickly once you remove it from your freezer and place it in your fridge.

There are people who deliberately freeze hummus in very small portions for individual servings. They use small containers good for singe serve. If you only want hummus for a snack or to spread on your sandwich, then this is a great way of freezing it.

Another method is by scooping small portions of hummus onto a baking sheet. The scoops should be good enough for one serving. Then put the baking sheet in the freezer and wait for the portions to freeze. Once frozen, you can transfer the servings into an airtight container or a freezer bag. It is good to label your container so you will not forget what is in it.

Freezing hummus can cause it to lose moisture. To prevent this from happening and from getting super dry hummus when thawing, put a thin layer of olive oil over the top. And make sure that you don’t put too much or else you will have a very oil dip when you thaw it back. Don’t worry adding olive oil won’t change its flavor.

How Do you defrost hummus?

Transfer the frozen hummus to the refrigerator the night before you want to eat it. This is because frozen hummus takes a few hours to thaw so that it will be ready to eat.

Defrosting can take longer depending on how much hummus is in the container. So, if you want to defrost it fast, you should freeze hummus in small batches.

If you leave the hummus in the refrigerator overnight, then it will defrost slowly and evenly. It is better compared to defrosting in the microwave. It may be quick but you will find it defrosting unevenly.

Give your hummus time to defrost in your fridge. It will soften slowly and it can retain most of its natural flavor and texture.

Another way you can defrost your frozen hummus is by putting the container in water. This method requires more attention than simply leaving it in the fridge.

Let the frozen container sit in water that is of room temperature for a few hours. Just make sure that water does not leak inside the container. In a couple of hours, your frozen hummus will be defrosted.

What to do after Hummus is thawed?

You need to stir up the dip once it is thawed. The reason for this is that oils and solids can be separated when frozen. You can restore the texture and homogeneity of the hummus with a good stir.

If you want to improve its texture more, pour a drizzle of olive oil before stirring. You can also add a few spoonfuls of Greek yogurt. Mix it well to have a creamy hummus.

After defrosting, if you want your hummus warm, then you can pop it in the microwave for a few seconds. It can also help with consistency.

It is just normal for the hummus consistency to be altered after adding olive oil and stirring. These changes in its consistency will vary depending on the ingredients used by manufacturers.

Can I freeze homemade Hummus?

Yes, you can but if you freeze homemade hummus, consistency will also be altered after defrosting. It does not freeze better than hummus that you buy in the grocery store. The reason for this is that store-bough hummus contains preservatives. These preservatives can slow down or suppress the breakdown of ingredients. This is why your hummus freezes better.

The taste of your hummus can also be affected after freezing. Not that it will taste spoiled or bad. The flavors can get bland after freezing.

To solve this problem. You can add some fresh onions or minced garlic to it. Or, you can add spices to make new flavors. You can sprinkle cumin, paprika, or black pepper over the hummus. This can add fresh flavor to your dip.

Can I refreeze hummus?

No, not when the hummus has already been defrosted. You should not place it back in the freezer. You will expose yourself to the risk of food contamination. You can suffer from food poisoning if you consume it.

How long Does Hummus last after defrosting?

You need to consume hummus within 7 days after defrosting. Any leftover can be discarded so that you can prevent getting sick.

You can also use your leftover hummus in other ways like making hummus pasta. You simply toss it with greens and lemons. This will give you a filling and delicious snack or dinner.

Can you freeze hummus in the original container?

Yes, freezing hummus in the original container is possible. But it has to be an unopened container that you put in your freezer. If the container is not opened, then it is sealed well. It will be fine in the freezer.

Except if the original container is a bottle or a tin can, then you should not put it in the freezer. You need to transfer the hummus in a container that is freezer-safe.

The best container for packing store-bought hummus is an airtight plastic container. Do not use plastic bags like Ziploc is you don’t want your hummus to be jostled and crushed.

Once you have opened your store-bought hummus, either wrap it in foil or put it in a freezer bag. With these, you can keep your hummus longer in the freezer.

How long can you freeze homemade hummus?

Frozen homemade hummus can last up to 4 months before it starts deteriorating. It is better not to let your homemade hummus stay in the freezer for a very long time. It can affect its flavor and its texture negatively if freezing is prolonged.

Make sure to label your freezer container. Write the content of the container and the date of freezing so you won’t forget.

Can You Buy Hummus online?

Yes, there is a good variety of Great Hummus that you can buy online. I have listed some of the good ones sold on Amazon below.

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How Can Freezing Margarine Extend Its Shelf Life Like Freezing Hummus?

When it comes to extending the shelf life of margarine, freezing margarine tips can be quite helpful. Just like freezing hummus, putting margarine in the freezer can prevent it from spoiling too quickly. By following freezing margarine tips, you can make sure it stays fresh for a longer period of time.

Does Freezing Eggs Have the Same Shelf Life-Extending Benefits as Freezing Hummus?

Yes, freezing eggs at home can extend their shelf life just like freezing hummus. When properly stored, frozen eggs can last up to 12 months. However, it’s important to note that freezing may change the consistency of eggs, so they may not be suitable for all cooking methods.

What happens if you eat too much hummus?

Hummus is a very healthy snack that is low in fat and rich in fiber. Yet it can be harmful when consuming large quantities. Eating a lot of hummus can add to your calorie intake.

In most commercial brands the number of calories for every two tablespoons of hummus ranges from 50 to 80. If you eat the right amount, that is, a single serving then you are eating a very healthy snack.

Since hummus is such a delicious snack, one cannot help but eat more than one serving in one sitting. The temptation is so overpowering that a lot of people find themselves consuming multiple servings, even finishing a whole tub at a time.

Consuming one cup of hummus amounts to 408 calories. Although this is not much yet it adds to your daily calorie intake. If you eat more then it adds up more calories to your daily intake.

There are approx 15 grams of fiber in one cup of hummus. This is already a large percentage of the daily required fiber consumption. If you eat too much hummus, you can suffer from an upset stomach and diarrhea.

It is very important to control your portions when eating hummus so that you don’t fall into any of these health issues. Don’t eat your hummus from the container. Make sure to scoop out one serving from it.

Or, instead of buying large tubs of hummus, buy individualized packs. You can also cut calories by replacing your pretzels and pita chips for vegetables. Hummus is a great dip for carrots, celery, tomatoes, broccoli, snap peas, and more.

So, if you can’t prepare small batches or hummus per day or if you don’t want store-bought hummus, then prepare hummus in bulk and freeze small portions for use later on.

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