Canadian Bacon / Back Bacon. How is it different from regular bacon?

In the quest to seek out new types of bacon the road has come to the Canadian Bacon.

What is Canadian Bacon?

Canadian Bacon or Back Bacon as it is also called, is a pork product that actually has more resemblance to ham than it is to regular bacon in terms of flavor, appearance, and texture. The meat is lean, slightly sweet, and juicy.

Unlike regular bacon, this brand of bacon does not crisp up in its own fat while it is being cooked.

Back in Canada, it is called back bacon; it is taken from the lean, tender eye of the loin, which is located in the middle of the back. The meat is meant to be served in a soft, juicy stage of cooking, and it will be dry and tasteless if it is allowed to crisp up. It is also usually served in thicker wedges than those used for conventional bacon.

Canadian brand of bacon comes in cylindrical pieces that can be sliced or cut in any manner desired. It is priced higher than regular bacon, but it is leaner and precooked which means that it has lower shrinkage and therefore provides more servings per pound. It can be fried, baked, barbecued or used cold as it comes from the package in sandwiches and salads. It can be eaten from the package or further cooked.

This type of bacon is lean and zesty it has unmatchable flavor when it is deeply fried within its salt, and whether it is served by itself or as the staple for an early morning meal you really can’t go wrong. If it is served with fresh eggs and pancakes you could never be mistaken.

Canadian-style bacon

Canadian bacon is often confused with traditional American bacon, Philip Jones, the president of Jones Dairy Farm, a leading U.S. producer of Canadian bacon. Canadian bacon is a lean smoked meat made from the tender pork loin unlike its fatty American counterpart. Canadian bacon is precooked and also both its appearance and flavor is more similar to ham.

Jones also mentions an big difference between Canadian bacon and Canadian-style bacon. Real Canadian bacon is only the loin meat, but Canadian-style bacon is normally made from sirloin hip meat and includes ground pork trim. Jones believes consumers will prefer the higher-quality authentic product because it provides a more uniform appearance, better texture and superior taste.

“Real Canadian bacon provides fuller flavor and firmer texture,” said Jones. “It’s a premium ingredient that adds a wonderful smoky flavor in salads, sandwiches, soups or even by itself.”

Different brands of Canadian bacon

The foods described as ‘Canadian bacon’ vary; it all depends on where in the world the consumer is. This can sometimes lead to a mix-up, especially for travelers.

In the United States, the food known as ‘Canadian bacon’ is a salted and cured meat much like conventional bacon. However, in much of Canada and Great Britain, ‘Canadian bacon’ is an entirely different food, cured and treated in a different way before sale. Availability of the two different types of bacon varies, depending on one’s location.

The cured pork product known by Americans as ‘Canadian bacon’ is usually called back bacon in other parts of the world; made from the loin cut, which is in the center of the pig’s back. The result is that the bacon is much leaner than conventional bacon. Back bacon is prepared in the same manner as conventional bacon, with a salting and smoking process intended to cure the meat; with a little more sugar often used which lends a sweet quality to meaty food.

This brand is a popular pizza topping in the United States, especially on Hawaiian pizza with pineapple. It also appears in breakfast foods like omelets and is sometimes consumed by health conscious folks who want the flavor of bacon without the heavy fat content. When available, it is usually found with other cured meat foods and is usually sold in chunks which are cut up by the consumer as desired.

There is another type of back bacon known as peameal bacon which is also made from the loin, but is cured in a sweet pickle and has a crust made from yellow cornmeal or peas. Peameal bacon is sweet and slightly salty and is usually sold in both cooked and parbaked forms. You are advised to read the label carefully to determine whether or not peameal bacon needs to be cooked before serving. This type of bacon is eaten with numerous breakfast foods in Canada and some parts of the United Kingdom.

Nutrition of Canadian Bacon

Pork products are so important and that is why most people maintain their thoughts of it and refuse to think otherwise. For most consumers keen on weight loss, back bacon is always the best. A full meal with all the garnishes will certainly make you a strong individual. This unique meaty meal certainly is the envy of the world.

Protein and Carbohydrate: Canadian Bacon has higher protein content than regular bacon with 12 g per serving. When consumed for breakfast it supplies around 20 percent of the daily recommended protein requirement of about 60 g. It supplies very little carbohydrate with around 1 g in a 2-slice serving. The sugar used to cure the meat almost certainly supplies carbohydrate present since meat normally contains no carbohydrate.

Calories: A Single serving of most types of back bacon is equivalent to 2 slices and supplies 89 calories. Bob Evans Canadian brand of bacon has 21 calories in 0.7 ounces, which equals 1 slice. About 40 percent of the calories in bacon come from fat. If you consume a typical 2,000 calorie per day diet, a serving of this bacon supplies less than 5 percent of your daily calorie intake.

Fat: The amount of fat in Canadian brand depends on the quantity served. Applegate Farms 2-slice serving of back bacon contains 4 g of fat. Contrary to this, regular bacon has around 14 g of fat per serving. A serving also contains 28.35 mg of cholesterol. Experts suggest an intake of no more than 300 mg of cholesterol per day or less than 200 mg if you’re at risk of developing, or if you already have a diseased heart.

Sodium: This brand of bacon, like regular bacon, contains huge amounts of sodium. A 2-slice serving supplies 500 mg of sodium or 21 percent of your recommended daily intake of sodium. A high sodium intake can increase the risk of developing heart disease by hiking blood pressure in susceptible people.

No matter your status or job portfolio, a traditional breakfast is definitely good for your body. A heavy helping of back bacon will see you through the day and will allow you to do what you must do.

It is a fact that streaky bacon is much-loved in the States, nevertheless, Canadian Bacon is actually more common in many other countries. While it is true that regular bacon will probably always hold sway, but we should be open to trying other things too, we should be open to exploring the various ways in which people in other parts of the world celebrate the love of bacon.

F.A.Q. on Canadian Bacon

Below I have gathered some of the great questions that people ask when we talk about Canadian Bacon. But if you have any questions or information please feel free to either ask or enlighten us below in the comments.

Is Canadian Bacon Halal?

No, as it is made of pork it is not Halal. So as a Muslim you should not eat Canadian Bacon.

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