What are Irish Rashers & Bangers?

In the world of bacon there is a lot of different kinds I have set out to share to knowledge about some of them now it time for the Irish Rasher

What are Irish Rashers, Irish Bacon, or Back Rashers as it is also called, is perhaps the most outstanding form of bacon today. Unlike other forms of bacon, Irish bacon is made from the back/loin of pork. No wonder the name back bacon. It is very popular in Canada, the UK, and Ireland of course. It is also much leaner than the other forms of bacon.

The most spectacular difference between Irish bacon and other forms of bacon of course is the fact that it is made from the back or loin whereas other forms of bacon such as pancetta are made from the cured bellies of pork.

What Are Some Funny Jokes About Irish Rashers and Bangers?

Looking for the funniest bacon jokes online? Consider Irish rashers and bangers! Why did the rasher refuse to join the band? It didn’t want to be in a jam session. And what do you call an Irishman who loves sausages? A banger enthusiast!

Treatment and curing process

It is important to note that it is not all the time that Irish bacon will be cured. However, on events that it undergoes treatment, it is cured using basic brine. However, it’s treatment tends to take a bit longer than other forms of bacon such as pancetta.

Another important point to note when it comes to Irish bacon is the fact that it may be either smoked or not. Again, this heavily leans on preferences of the consumer.

Physical appearance

Irish bacon tends to exist in more rounded slices as opposed to other forms of bacon that are normally cut in the shape of strips. At the same time, it is cut with a layer of fat around the meat. However, it has been proven to bear very close resemblance to another form of bacon known as pancetta.

When is it best served?

Irish bacon is very popular for breakfast in numerous parts of the globe. It especially goes very well with eggs.

Moreover, Irish bacon is a great additive to sandwiches. It can also be added to salads in the form of thin strips. At times, it is shredded into pieces to complement a whole range of dishes.

Sometimes, pancetta acts as a great substitute for Irish bacon in recipes that call for Irish bacon when unavailable.

Cooking Irish Rashers

Irish bacon is cooked until done. However, unlike American bacon, it does not have to be cooked until crisp.

In comparison to American bacon, Irish Rashers tends to be much tastier. This taste is enhanced by the layer of fat that surrounds the meat.

Irish bacon is very similar to Canadian bacon. The only difference perhaps is that Irish bacon tends to have fat content that is slightly more than that in Canadian bacon.

As the Irish say “You have not had bacon if you have not tasted Irish bacon. It is much tastier and definitely healthier.” It is a must-try delicacy if you enjoy bacon.

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